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Peter Huber School

Brief History of Peter Huber School.

Peter Huber School was initially formed as a preschool for the children who lives in the nearby villages. Initially the name of the school was “Samanalaya” which means butterfly in Sinhalese.At the beginning there were over 60 students with 3 preschool teachers. In the beginning classes were held at the Village temple “Ambagahapitiya” under the supervision of high priest. This was a totally funded by Huber family who are the owners of Lotus group.

With the successful history over a decade, in 1999 top management of the Lotus Group decided expand their wings further more by starting to evening class for students from grade 1 to 13 with the help of several international donors. They groomed over 450 students teaching all the subjects of the government school syllabus. There were 21 permanent teachers and a principle in the academic staff. This institution was not limited to conduct classes. But also they provided meals, uniforms, books, other learning aids and welfare events such as trips, sport meets and parades.

With the downturn of economy in the Europe & savior war condition in Sri Lanka faded the fundings of the donors and the income of Lotus group at the end of 2008.This put the Peter Huber School education programme at a risk. With all these difficulties top management of Lotus group continued to serve the society by continue the programme by personal findings. But in the year 2012 Top Management of Lotus Group compelled discontinue the evening education programme due to the lack of funds. Now Peter Huber School operate only with the preschool.

Coming Soon Lotus Villa Welfare

Proposed Project: Empower Future Generation with Knowledge.

Expected project cost for year 2015: 5 000 000 LKR

• Contribution from Lotus Group: 1 400 000 LKR

• Contribution from Donors ( Fund raising project) : 3 600 000 LKR

• Fund Raising Method: Raffle Draw Ticket ( 50 EURO).

Project commandment date: 4th of February 2015.

Project Supervisors:

Rv. Vimalawasa Thero (High Priest of Yogashrama Temple)

Mrs. Sumendra Huber (Managing Director of Lotus Group)

Mr.Sushan Huber (Director of Lotus Group)

Project Details -

• Preschool for students in the ages of year 3,4 & 5.

• Computer Classesfor Students from the grade 6 to grade 13.

• Computer Diploma Course for school leavers & professionals.

• English Language Classes for Students from the grade 6 to grade 13.

• English Language Classes forschool leavers & professionals.

• German Language Classes for school leavers & professionals.

Importance of the project:

We believe on teaching someone to earn money from their own hands than giving something to their hands. A well-educated natured person is a merit himself, a merit to his family & a merit to the society as a whole.

So, We decided to empower our young generation with knowledge and teach them to escape from the vicious circle of poverty. Although the Sri Lankan economy thrive after the end of three decade lasted ethnic war, still there is a significant level of unemployment in Sri Lanka. This is mainly due to the mismatch skills whish the job seekers possess and the industry required. Taking this as a current issue have finalized the whole training programme to address this situation.

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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