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Smoking & Alcohol


You don’t have to tell any smoker, that smoking is harmful for one’s health and addictive. He has heard and read it many times before. Most smokers want to get away from cigarettes, but only manage it for a short time. Then through any “logical” pretence they start smoking again. The physicians say that during this time when those people did not smoke, they were not really non-smokers, but that they remained “non-smoking smokers”.
Smoke & Alchohol

Hence we have decided not to put up a complete smoking ban. Because we know that smoking is an addiction (even if some smokers do not like hearing it or even think they could “stop at any time”), we would only cause secret smoking e.g. at the beach or even produce feelings of guilty because they are doing something forbidden. However, we do ask the smokers to refrain from smoking in the restaurant and the rooms. We also want to ask you to show consideration that especially ex-smokers could fear “to start smoking again themselves”,

Smoke & Alchohol particularly if they gave up smoking not long ago and a whiff of cigarette smoke might trigger a strong wish to smoke again. Tests have shown that passive smoke is also damaging to one’s health and hence is not desired. At the swimming pool and at the small terrace, accessible for wheelchair users and close to the beach, we have placed ashtrays, where cigarettes can be smoked without any feelings of guilt.


Smoke & Alchohol In contrast to the widely spread opinion that alcohol consumption is forbidden in Ayurveda, the Ayurveda doctors believe that e.g. a glass of good wine (especially red wine) or a glass of good, clear brandy can even be positive as it stimulates digestion, increases zest and encourages a good night’s sleep.

As it is like often in life it is “too much” that is unhealthy. Indeed we do not serve alcoholic drinks at the Lotus-Villa, as alcohol lifts the effects of Ayurvedic medicine. As you are given medicine during the duration of your treatments, we do not serve any alcohol. If your are given Ayurvedic medicine to take home with you, you should therefore not drink any alcohol during this time, also at home.

But no rule “without exception”: for some guests and patients it is quite “permitted”, even required for its stimulating effects, to drink a glass of herbal wine. The physicians inform our staff at the restaurant, which guest or patient is allowed to drink herbal wine, which type and amount is allowable.

After certain treatments you will be given a strengthening drink which can also contain alcohol. At the first examination we will therefore ask you if you want to take your medicine free of any alcohol content or if small amounts (usually 2% to 3%) can be included. If you have never drunk any alcohol in your entire life you should rather choose “entirely without”, as otherwise headaches can occur.

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