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Ayurveda and Gurus / Esoterics

About Gurus, Esoterics.

Before starting this huge topic we would like to quote some of Dr. Chandrasekhar G. Thakkur’s views from his book "This is Ayurveda" about quacks:

“Now the time has come to say a few words about a special group of people, the quacks, who seem to be growing in number. This type of person does not just exist within the field of medicine, but you can find them in every profession. However, there is no other field in which they can do so much damage as in medicine since they are playing with the most prescious thing of all, that is our life.

Quacks already existed in ancient India and even then they were strongly criticised. The reason why they exist might be that the profession of the physician has a very high status in society. A doctor is usually regarded as an advisor and healer because of his / her special skills. Also, this profession causes a lot of envy since it is a lucrative business. Some people want to reach a similar position in society without having the necessary skills and qualities. These people often become quacks and they compensate their lack of knowledge with a smart appearance and behaviour. They maintain their position by exploiting people’s ignorance and blind trust.

We try to find clear headlines for our topics so you will know immediately what they are about.

The following content is based on our own experience at Lotus-Villa and some common sense. In case a reader does not agree with us we would be grateful for some feedback. You can give us some feedback by answering the question: “Have you found the right information?” by clicking NO at the end of the page.

Alternative medicine:

This term is often used to highlight western treatments and regards different treatment methods as alternative in the sense of being only second class.

An Ayurvedic physician always tries to be up-to-date about other methods in order to find the best possible treatment for the patient. Therefore, Ayurvedic physicians often have an enormous knowledge about western and eastern medicine. A good Ayurvedic physician would not limit his/her knowledge to only one special subject and then reject all other healing methods.

We at Lotus - Villa have come to the conclusion after many years of experience that for us “western medicine” is alternative medicine for Ayurveda.

Emergency medicine:

People often say that only western medicine can help quickly in urgent emergency cases.

Here, we would like to show the underlying thinking behind such a statement. If, for example, an alcoholic has caused a serious accident with his car then, of course, immediate help is essential – and sometimes it is too late. If someone enquires into the cause of the accident then one might hear answers such as: “He was too tired/ overworked / he had personal problems / we knew that he had an alcohol problem etc.”

An Ayurvedic physician would ask now: “How could this accident have been avoided? Perhaps his GP/ employer / family / etc could have realised earlier that this driver had a problem and needed help. If the problem would have been recognised earlier it might have been easy to solve it and the big crash would not have happened. Only by ignoring the early warning signs did the final emergency situation happen.

Accoring to ayurvedic thinking many emergency operations (stomach, heart, joints, brain) can be avoided by detecting the early warning signals and then acting in time.

Today, many 50-60-year olds could be much healthier if they had received more personal and timely attention by their GP.

If you think – why should doctors be responsible for all that – we would answer that nobody should feel obliged to become a doctor.


topic, which we do not want to discuss very much, because the money - oriented way of thinking of humans grown up in the west is trained mostly from the childhood and it is difficult for everybody to separate itself from “old habits”.

We only want to state here an example from Germany, which we ask you to think about: Some years ago one had to pay approximately 5,000. DM for the permission procedure of a medicine. It was raised after some time to 25.000. DM, which clearly shows, that the sales of certain medicines should be made more difficult. But that’s not all: When “somebody” noticed that other medicines were more effective than that from “domestic production”, “somebody” simply raised the price for permission drastically. The wording of the price furtively has been changed to “per contents material”. E.g. for an ayurvedic cancer medicine, which contains 80 – 120 different active substances, makes it 2 - 3 millions and as a result practically priceless.

To be continued: pain relief, side effects, giving time, money, doctors as pharma agents

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