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Air pollution

Contamination of drinking - water

Contamination of food

Synthetic material, plastic

Electronic smog

Positive aspects from an Ayurvedic point of view:

A principle of the Ayurvedic philosophy says: “Our environment is a reflection of the awareness of the population.” In the last millenniums it was often the opinion that the human is superior to nature and the task lay primarily in taming or even exploiting. Hence global environmental catastrophes have become possible. Fortunately a change is occurring in social awareness. Nevertheless, negative environmental influences represent a danger to our energy resources and to our health. If someone e.g. suffers from chronic tiredness without having any physical symptoms, than he should test if maybe environmental influences are the cause.

“A balanced environment encourages the balance of the individual hence an imbalance of the environment also disrupts the balance of the individual.”

But be careful: The apprehension about the endangerment from the environment can also become an obsession. This apprehension itself can become an unnatural and unhealthy strain. Such an all dominating fear can bring the organism much more out of balance than the worst environmental catastrophe.

Air pollution

“Prana” is the Ayurvedic word for air. It also means life elixir, breathing and life itself. Oxygen participates in the transformation of nutrition into energy and therefore the quality of air is extremely important. It is almost unbelievable how little fresh air some people breath in during a normal daily routine. Many work in hermetically sealed rooms in which not even the windows can be opened. Especially in the winter it can happen that many weeks go by until one finally breathes fresh air again.

Create a remedy whilst every day “even in the winter” you spend time in fresh air. 2 x 10 to 15 minutes are enough! Furthermore, you could even open the indoor windows daily and in warm weather you can keep it open even longer than 15 minutes. Walks in fresh air where one can observe changes in the environment are often very helpful for the health. Often the only sky that some people see for several month are only between the roofs of two houses!

Contamination of drinking - water

Poor drinking-water quality is mostly found in large cities, but in country regions through toxic substances specially from pesticides the water is even worse.

Taking remedial action is only possible with difficulty and also requires own financial expenditure. One possibility could be the installation of an aquarium with small fish. Fish react very sensitively to bad water and immoderate chloride level, so that apart from the nice view into the aquarium you can also test if the water quality is OK. (Please check especially the swimming-behavior and breathing of the fish and remove them from the water immediately if you find something unusual). With the installation of an “reverse osmosis Filter” one can gain very good drinking water. We in the Lotus-Villa installed such a filter because after the tsunami the salinity level was very high. Moreover, the boiling of water before usage is very helpful, but sometimes very laborious. And finally one can decant water from natural springs, but you should be careful as some springs are not very clean.

Contamination of food

Nutrition should provide power and energy and hence should be eaten fresh and clean as far as possible. That is why nowadays fruits and vegetables have to be cleaned thoroughly before they are consumed. In the meantime one should also proceed with thoroughness regarding nutrition from biological growth. As you know, not everything that says bio is in fact bio. Moreover, caution required concerning meat as environmental poison regardless of the type of how the animals have been kept, can settle in the organism. This is especially true for hormone-treatment of animals ready for slaughter. One example: especially the torso circumference of a man can become unnaturally enlarged because of an overeating of chicken meat. In the meantime similar thought processes are applied to fish and molluscs. If you bare all of these facts in mind, it is sensible to reduce the intake of meat and fish heavily until really healthy food is available again.

Plastics / synthetic material

From an Ayurvedic point of view natural materials rather than synthetics are preferred. Seen from an biological angle this is correct, as the human organism has adjusted to natural materials over its millennium-long development. This should definitively be considered in terms of the interior design of your home and workplace. Please also think about this when choosing your clothes, your bedding and your bed clothes. The skin should be able to breath easily. Hence choose as often as possible unprocessed natural fibers.

Electronic smog

At the moment a lot is researched and talked about danger of developing cancer through using mobile phones, microwave sender, high tension cable, computers and other sources of radiation. So far no definite conclusion has been reached which gives cause to huge health regarding worries. However, it is advisable to be careful when using an item to the extreme. Please check your environment especially if you are suffering from a chronic illness or always feel tired.

Positive aspects from an Ayurvedic point of view

Despite of current endangerment from the environment it is important to point out that the adaptability and self-healing-power and adaptability of the human organism is simply enormous. For this there are enough daily examples. The immune system or in other words the Doshas are in the position to recognize and destroy almost all possible viruses, biological intruder who causes diseases, even when the body had not been confronted with it before. This astonishing amount of flexibility and resistance also characterizes the de-poisoning system of our body. You only have to give your whole attention to the self-healing-mechanisms of your body and almost all of the damaging influences will rebound on you.

Even if you are surrounded with of all kinds of environmental poison - your organism will cope with it.

Nevertheless you should “check” your environment to make sure everything is really OK and switch off negative influences in order not to pressure the penetrating powers of your own immune system unnecessarily.

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