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Ayurveda & Western Medicine

Modern Western medicine sees the body as being mainly divided from mind, soul and the environment and believes that it can be taken apart into its individual elements. In this medical system the individual body functions are broken down at the biological and molecular level. Functional disruptions are systematically treated through mechanical and / or chemical intervention. Body, mind and soul are viewed separately from each other and independent from the environment.

Additionally an extract from a book from Thorwald Dethlefsen: Fate as Chance:

it stands out, that in the Western medicine one exclusively speaks about the fight against an illness. Who is surprised than, that especially physicians cannot understand the term being ill No-one can understand or get to know the enemy, as long as he fights against it. As long as the medicine world does not stop this fight, it will have to continue to carry the fate of not being really competent regarding diseases because they lack the understanding. The most important and first step for an ill person is to move into harmony with the illness, learn to say Yes to it. How should a patient ever achieve this, when his physician sees himself as fighter against the illness.

Ayurveda relies on the preservation and restoration of health throughout the whole body. The disorder of the body function is viewed in connection with the mental and emotional state and the social and cultural environment and is understood and treated HOLISTICALLY (as a whole). Therefore during treatment, the body, mind, soul and environment are considered simultaneously. Moreover, a cosmic connection is also made.

Following the theory of Ayurveda the reason for health disorders is an imbalance of the effective energies, the 3 Doshas VATA, PITTA and KAPHA (which are best compared with 3 different immune systems within the body, in which each immune system is responsible for different body parts). The words “Doshas”, “Vata”, “Pitta” and “Kapha” derived from the extinct language “Sanskrit”. As a result there are often no correct translations available in the German or English language. When the 3 Doshas are in a PERSONAL relative balance a person is healthy. “Sick” is defined as the condition of disharmony of the Doshas. To become healthy, it is important that harmony and personal balance are restored.

Therefore we search for the reasons that cause the imbalance. The cause of the illness is treated, not the symptom. Different treatments are used in order to restore the balance of the Doshas within the body. This includes definitely 4 different treatment types: 1.) a special diet tuned to the individual needs of one person, 2.) particular body treatments such as massages with medical oils, 3.) Ayurvedic plant medicine and 4.) unfortunately sometimes not taken seriously: the entire environment to which for example belong personal care, number of additional patients, positive atmosphere, weather, etc.

Eight medical disciplines exist in Ayurveda. These were already mentioned in Atharva Veda. Also the medicine study of Ayurveda, which is taught at two Universities in Sri Lanka is grouped similar. The course itself cannot be mixed with other studies nor be done simultaneously along with another study courses.

The study duration is 14 Semester, i.e. 7 years. After completion of the course, the new Ayurveda-physician receives apart from the certificate also a registration number from the government. With that he/she can identify and differentiate themselves from herbal witches. In Sri Lanka there are about 6500 Ayurveda-physicians that have completed their studies, but around 9000 “herbal witches”. They are mainly no charlatans, nevertheless can often, but only with particular diseases, help with a medicine which as been “passed down” in the family.

  Mother and child medicine

  Ear, nose, throat and eyes medicine

  Internal and general medicine

  Behavioural theory and psychiatry

  Age and rejuvenation medicine the theory of the preservation of vitality, fertility, strength and potency

  Poison theory including the treatment of bites


  Meditation procedure and Yoga which belong to the unit of the body, mind and soul

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