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Ayurveda History - Lotus Villa

AYURVEDA – Origin and History

The word “Ayurveda” comes from Sanskrit and means “knowledge” or “the theory”of life. It is a knowledge which shows us the way to a long and healthy life. A knowledge which shows us how to maintain good health or, if we are ill, how to regain it.

Ayur = Life Veda = Knowledge, Theory

Ayurveda is a theory, the principles of which can be universally used in anybody’s daily life. Ayurveda serves all aspects of human life and offers all those who live to Ayurvedic principles harmony, inner peace, health and long life. It is a way that has been tested and refined over many centuries.

About 3000 years before Christ, there was a highly developed town culture in the Northwest of India which also became known as the INDUS - CULTURE. This culture had its roots particularly in the towns Mohen, Jadaro and Harapppa in the Indus valley. Towards 1500 BC a branch of the Ariane came from the Afghan region to settle in India, at first in the Indus - Fivestream - Valley.

Ayurveda History - Lotus Villa

The experience and the knowledge of these mixed people were over many centuries passed on verbally before eventually being written down. These transcripts are called “Veden”. There are four Sanskrit transcripts and count as the oldest of the Indian literature. With them the historical origin of Ayurveda begins.

Rig Veda (ca. 4500 yr. old) | Yajur Veda | Sama Veda | Atharva Veda (ca. 3200 yr. old)

The authors of these famous Vedic Sanskrit transcript are unknown. The oldest Indian physician of medical historical relevance mentioned by name was Charaka. He lived around 1000 to 700 before Christ and was mainly concerned with internal medicine and dietetics. Another physician of historical importance was Susrata. He was mainly concerned with surgery.

During the high period of Buddhism in India (about 250 years BC) not only was Buddhism promoted, but also Hinduism and the further development and dissemination of Ayurveda. Buddhist and Hinduist monks were the most important carriers of the Ayurvedic-medical knowledge, which they spread through their mission work in the whole of Asia, and so also in Sri Lanka.

According to the mythology Ayurvedic knowledge and with it Ayurvedic medicine came from Brahma, the creator, and was handed over to the wise men and seers, so that they could pass it on to the people. It is seen as a present of love and care from Brahma.

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