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Common Diseases

Muscle spannings

Name of the disease: MUSCLE SPANNING

Healing chances:
Complete healing possible with young patients, with older ones only easement.



First minimum stay in weeks:
medically prescribed: 3 weeks
medically recomended: 3 – 4 weeks



Second stay:
medically not compulsory
medically recomended: after 6 – 12 months



Regular repetition:
medically not compulsory
medically recomended: every 2 to 3 years



Medicine intake daily:
for the body generally: 4 times per day
for the disease specially: mixed with body medicine



No. of treatments per day:      
minimum 3 | maximum 5
(correct figure depend on condition of patient)



Ayurvedic Nutrition:
for body and disease – 3 meals per day                                       
for the disease: Dosha/muscle curative fare



Medicine to take home / in the price not included:
medically prescribed for 1 month
medically recomended, not compulsory



Here a brief information about the disease from the ayurvedic view:
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