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Profile of the Chief Doctor at Lotus Villa - Dr.D.P.R Waidyawansa (D.A.M.S)

Early Childhood

Dr. Waidyawansa belongs to a family of traditional Ayurveda practitionersin Sri Lanka, with a long historyand so was her late father. In the olden days the practice was carried out from the doctor’s home on an honorary basis. Dr Waidyawansa from her childhood has been seeing patients with various sicknesses visiting her father at home for treatment.

Her love for Ayurveda and caring for the sick grew up within her from her early years. Inspired by the father, she studied Ayurveda in depth and continues to serve the society at large with her immense experience for which she is ever so grateful to her parents.

Entry to Ayurveda Medical College Colombo

In 1962 she successfully sat the entrance examination to the Ayurveda Medical College affiliated to the University of Colombo. This was a 6 year course where she studied Ayurveda and traditional medical science. Here again she had the opportunity to further sharpen her practical skills.

Professional Qualifications

In 1968 she obtained her professional qualifications, DAMS (Diploma in Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery) from the Ayurveda Medical Faculty of the Universityof Colombo and registered herself as an Ayurveda Doctor (Reg. No.5436) with the Ministry of Health. She has been trained in “Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy” at the International Ayurveda Treatment Centre “Cure”, the Ayurveda Institute and the National Institute for Traditional Medicine.

Further she has followed a post graduate course in Pharmacology and Therapeutics under Prof. Colvin Gunarathna MBBS (Ceylon) MRCP (UK), PhD (Dundee)

Service Record

Dr Waidyawansa’s first appointment was to the Anuradhapura Base Hospital in April 1971. It was a very difficult period with the onset of communal riots. However she was brave enough to discharge her services to the best of her ability under trying conditions.

After 6 years of service in Anuradhapura she was transferred to the Ayurveda Teaching Hospital Borella in 1977. Here she was initially involved in the preparation of various medicines such as oils, tablets, “churna”, “Arishta”, “Asawa”etc. Later she was in charge of theChildren’s ward, Surgical ward and the Female wards.

There had been a number of memorable instances during her tenure at the Children’s ward. A three year old child who was down with flue and with a body temperature of 103 F for several days was cured with only two doses of a medicine prepared by her.

During her long service she has cured patients suffering from asthma, arthritis, diabetes, cholesterol, high/low blood pressure, allergies, acne, catarrh, bronchitis, digestive problems, paralysis, gastritis, haemorrhoids, sciatica, psoriasis, parkinsonism, skin deceases. Another remarkable achievement was where she was able to restore speech to a patient who had suffered facial paralysis.

In 1992 she was appointed as the Resident Medical Officer at the Borella Ayurveda Hospital which is the premiere Ayurveda hospital in the island’s capital of Colombo. Here she was promoted to Super Grade Medical Officer and she handled both medical treatment and hospital administration. In addition, she was tutoring medical students, correcting examination papers and on the panel at the viva.

It was during this time that late President of Sri Lanka Hon J.R Jayawardhana conferred her with the highest status as Ayurveda doctor namely “Deshiya Vaidya Visharada”. Having completed her service with the Government of Sri Lanka she retired in the year 1999.

Joining Lotus Villa

Prior to her retirement from Government Service she had visited Lotus Villa on the invitation of the incumbent Ayurveda doctor. By then Lotus Villa had made a name as an Ayurveda treatmentcentre maintaining the highest standards in medical treatment and medical care. On her visit she was highly impressed by the ambience of the location for serious medical treatment. The layout, the quiet and soothing atmosphere, the disciplined and methodical approach to treatment and patient care were too good to refuse the invitation of Mr. Peter Huber the Chairman and his wife Mrs Sumendra Huber to accept the post of Ayurveda Doctor at Lotus Villa.

Foreign Patients at Lotus Villa

The patients who patronise Lotus Villa are Germans, Austrians and from other European Countries and Russians. Most of them are suffering from serious illnesses. On the first day at the first consultation with Dr. Waidyawansa patients are full of tears when they talk about their illnesses. The same is true on the final consultation, but this time it is tears of joy, as if they have got a new lease of life. The Doctor says that is a daily experience for her which makes her life so happy.

A patient from Germany had come to her in a wheel chair. After a 21 day treatment, to the surprise of everybody he got up from the chair and started walking. Cancer patients who have undergone chemo therapy have come to her for treatment. Once they return to their mother country they get themselves checked from their doctors. They never fail to email Dr Waidyawansa to thank her about the improvement of their condition. Over the years she has treated so many of such patients.

Dr Waidyawansa’s assessment of Lotus Villa

She says that Lotus Villa is a home away from home, both for the patients who come for treatment as well as for the staff who work at Lotus Villa. The atmosphere is so cordial and she values Lotus Villa as much she values Ayurveda.

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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