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Consultation On the day of your arrival, you should at first recover a bit from the exhausting journey. If however, you feel relaxed, you will get your first consultation and “if you still feel fit enough” some “first anointments” and treatments immediately on the day of your arrival.

If you however, feel too tired, you should better rest first and recover from the strain of the journey. (in this case you will receive more treatments on other days, to achieve a number-even balance of treatment.)

You will be taken to the consultations on a regular basis during your entire stay. It is important for you to know, that you will be collected by the physicians for a consultation at least once a week and that you can personally speak to the physician at any time without prior arrangement should you have any questions or problems. Our translator is present during all consultations, so that especially with technical terms no misunderstandings can occur. He is also available should you have any additional questions for the physicians. Please also remember that no Ayurveda-physician in the world would ask the question, “if you feel better”, but rather waits that you as his patient tell him actively “how you are feeling at the moment”, in order to decide if additional measures need to be taken. Therefore please show a “healthy selfishness”, go to physicians on your own accord and do not just wait to be approached.

Language used for consultations

The official language in Ayurveda is called Sanskrit. It is (similar to Latin for Western physician) an already extinct language, which is only used by monks and Ayurveda physicians. Some Ayurveda physicians know Sanskrit better than for example English, especially older physicians who have dealt their entire life with Singhalee speaking patients. As most of our guest and patients do not understand Sanskrit, we have put our translator “in between” in order to guarantee a correct communication. They speak German, English and Singhalee. Our physicians also speak enough English for “small talks”.

Methods of diagnosis

Pulse diagnosis

A part of Ayurvedic consultations is the pulse diagnosis. Every Ayurveda physician, when graduating from his studies, has to be able to use at least three different diagnostic methods, whereby the pulse diagnosis must be one of them. The other two he can choose himself. Often chosen are the iris diagnosis, tongue diagnosis or fingernail diagnosis. With the pulse diagnosis the physician diagnoses the present proportion of the Doshas “Vata, Pitta, Kapha”, the “present conditions”. At the same time, using the pulse diagnosis, they are also able to diagnose the personal “ideal - or should - condition” of the Doshas. The aim is then, to achieve a balance between actual and ideal using different treatment methods. Our medical team will prepare from the diagnosis your individual treatment plan especially for you. This treatment plan includes “teamwork” from nutrition, medicine, treatments and environment. Please also refer to chapter “The Doshas” under the Link “Ayurveda“.

Additional methods of diagnosis

At first to the book “Handbook of Fareast diagnosis” by Michio Kushi:
Diagnosis through observation of physiognomy: “Everything exist in the present. Including past and future. Therefore our present physical condition, as well as the past show us our future health or illness. We only have influence on our future. The past, however, has already manifest itself as the present physical condition. The current condition reflects very well our past and therefore also our direction for the future. This however, we can influence and hence also change”.

There are many methods of diagnosis. Here are only some examples, which are often used by physicians during Ayurvedic diagnosis (but don’t have to be used):

Hair - diagnosis (head / eyebrow / pubic / grey)

Forehead - diagnosis

Iris / eye - diagnosis

Face - lines - diagnosis

Body posture diagnosis

Ear diagnosis

Tooth diagnosis

Nail diagnosis Finger diagnosis

Tongue diagnosis

Mouth diagnosis

Nose - diagnosis

Heart diagnosis

Lunges diagnosis

Reproductive - organ - diagnosis

Meridian - diagnosis

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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