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Tri - Dosha Concepts

The Tri - Dosha Concepts is the crystallization point in which theory and application meet in the praxis of Ayurveda.

The three Doshas – VATA, PITTA and KAPHA are the basic energies according to the Asian way of thinking. For a person grown up in the West the term Immune system is probably more common and easier understood. Every Dosha or immune system is directly appointed to a specific area of the body and responsible for its health. The big difference therefore is that in the West only a single immune system exists which is responsible for the entire body, whereas in Ayurveda there are three, being responsible for different areas in the body. Only the well - balanced co - operation of the three Doshas will lead to a healthy body and mind. The diversity of humans, the difference in their physical presence, their psychological and mental potentials, their characters, their biological and emotional reactions develop through the different mixing ratios of the Doshas. Every human is unique and has therefore a personal, sole mix of the Tri - Doshas.

The Doshas therefore determine the constitution of a person, all break down, changing and build up functions and processes in the body. In the Tri - Dosha Concepts, each part of the body is counted to at least one of the three Doshas, whereby the divisions are roughly as followed: Everything from the neck upwards is counted as Kapha, everything from the neck towards the navel belongs to Pitta and everything from the navel to the feet is counted as Vata. A well-balanced co-operation of these three energies is important in order to keep the entire body and mind healthy and to lead an active, happy life. One can only get ill if at least one of the Doshas are unbalanced. It causes physical and psychological disorder, complaints and illnesses for the particular body parts- but only in the body parts for which it is responsible! The balance of the three Doshas is therefore a sensitive system which can easily be disturbed. Common causes of disorders and imbalance are: uncontrolled, bad lifestyle and nu trition, environmental pollution, mental strain, stress, none or only little physical exercise, social environment and very often straining of the brain, which in Ayurveda is called “top - heaviness of thoughts”.

In Ayurveda one speaks therefore of a personal relative balance of the three Doshas, as the individual distribution of Vata, Pitta and Kapha is unique in every person and hence should be preserved. With a total balance of the three Doshas of one third each would hence the three Doshas be distributed equally. It is therefore important to preserve the very own balance. Hence, the age of the individual, profession, social life / friends and more play an important role in the distribution of the Doshas.

The three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha derive from the 5 main elements Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. They also comprise the universe. (To this please also read the chapter: “Ayurveda a philosophical-religious background”.)

Therefore the Doshas not only define the individual as a whole, but also put it into concept with the cosmos. A person consists of the same material as the cosmos. A creature is seen as a small cell in a big body universe. The fact that a person is made of the same material i.e. the 5 main elements as the cosmos, which is also its own environment, stands therefore also in direct contact with it. Through the exchange of fine material and coarse material parts a person is in constant communication with his environment. One can notice them with ones senses such as the taste of food, breathing, smells, noises or sense of touch.

Today one problem of life is often that we became alienated from our senses. We can not trust them fully anymore. The causes often lie already in the upbringing, at home as well as in school and job: Sentences such as “Do not touch that”, " Don’t eat noisily", "Be quiet" are part of this as well as standardized chemical ingredients e.g. ready meals, tined food, standard spices, but also analytical measures which are not sensually perceivable anymore and also over - abundance e.g. from advertising, so that a conscious differentiation is not possible anymore,

Vata Air + Ether
Pitta Fire
Kapha Water + Earth
Liquid discharge
The correlative and communicative strength, with which a body part has influence on another and the body is moved, Mental and mind movement, but also the dismantling strength.

Breathing, heartbeat, impulse in the nervous system, blood circulation, nervousness, anxiety, pain, trembling, convulsions, enthusiasm
The substantive strength, which regulates the biochemical process, metabolism, absorption, body temperature, digestion, maintenance of body heat, sight, anger, hate, passion, intelligence, understanding, hunger, thirst, flexibility and shine of the body, intellect The build up and maintenance of strength, which serves the preservation of the organism and the reproduction, gives structure, resistance, joint lubricant and liquid, dampness of the skin, potency, greediness, connection, calmness, love and stamina
Light, cold, rough, dry, mobile, clear, rubbing, subtle, fine, penetrating, relaxed Hot, spicy, slightly oily, mobile, sour Oily, cold, inflexible, heavy, soft, sweet, slimy, rough

Each of the five main elements has therefore it´s own specific characteristics and effect. The Doshas are also energetic principles which have an effect on a person and have the same characteristics and effects of the main elements themselves, from which they derive.

As one of the essential factors for the preservation of the relative balance of the Doshas is understood nutrition. Even our food consists of the 5 basic elements and has certain characteristics with specific characteristics and effects. As mentioned above, the human body also consists of these 5 elements as does the whole universe, as well as our environment, therefore is a direct exchange possible through the nutrition we eat.

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