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Alternative medicine Alternative medicine

With this term, western treatments are emphasized whereas other methods of treatment are being put as “only” alternatively in the sense of secondary.

Ayurveda and Alcohol or Coffee AYURVEDA and alcohol or coffee

With alcohol and coffee it is similar as with the vegetarian meal – “it bubbles the grapevine”. The consumption of alcohol or coffee is also not forbidden, but in connection with certain diseases it is used in Ayurveda as medicine.

AYURVEDA and crazes

No responsible physician will approve smoking. Ayurveda physicians are also not happy with smoking but recommend not to stop abruptly.

AYURVEDA at home after a cure AYURVEDA at home after a cure

Often we hear one saying to us: “ok, here in Lotus - Villa, where everything is prepared and one must not care about anything, it is easy to follow the ayurvedic guidelines, but at home”

AYURVEDA at the coast

This topic requires 2 answers:

For humans who grew up in sunny countries and those humans from colder countries.

First those from “sunny countries”: Ayurveda physicians recommend also for those who can better deal with strong sun and sun exposure to stay better in the shade during the treatment time. Also “darken” humans get sunburns and sweat. Both stresses skin and pores.

AYURVEDA in Europe AYURVEDA in Europe:

Sometimes one says that Ayurveda helps better in the countries of origin than “at home”. That sounds correct, because in Europe the ayurvedic knowledge has been exterminated by burning of witches (see "herb witches").

AYURVEDA is nothing for a cold country:

Ayurveda exists for several thousand years in the whole world, not only in India and Sri Lanka. Also Chinese, Greeks and Japanese knew Ayurveda and called it even "mother of the medicine".

AYURVEDA physicians only AYURVEDA physicians only

Ayurveda is well - known since thousands of years world wide, not only in India or Sri Lanka. But only a few know, that many medical instruments, which are used today are of Ayurvedic origin, e.g: the forceps.

Vegetarian AYURVEDA are meals only vegetarian

One of the plates about Ayurveda is that the meal should be vegetarian. We do not know, where this rumor developed, assume however that it were tourists, who came into contact with Ayurveda in India.

Balancing of the Doshas in the everyday life Balancing of the Doshas in the everyday life

It is more easy than one believes to behave correctly and / or healthy in the everyday life. As you know, it is most difficult to loose old habits. On the other hand Ayurveda gives large leeway for personal decisions. Here are some tips for the everyday life:

Basis of Medicine Basis of medicine

Again and again it is said that the ayurvedic oils and medicine contain a certain “basis oil”. That is rarely true. Most ayurvedic oils have 80 to 120 different Ingredients.

Cleanliness in Asian Countries Cleanliness in Asian countries

It is simply correct that cleanliness in Asian countries “differs” to western countries. We do not want to take part in the discussion, which system is the better one.

Emergency Medicine Emergency medicine

Often it is said that with emergencies only the western medicine helps rapidly.

This shows clearly the different ways of thinking. If for example a drunk person has an accident, of course rapid assistance is necessary – sometimes it is even too late.

How Can One Differentiate Good from Bad Ayurveda How can one differentiate good from bad AYURVEDA

The decision, whether the respective house offers good Ayurveda, is often not easy to judge, because one is usually not an “Ayurvedic specialist ”. On the other hand he gets “good tips” from all sides. We offer as help for rapid or speedy decision the following :

Surrounding How important is the surrounding field / the atmosphere with the treatments

How important is the surrounding field / the atmosphere with the treatments?

How important the surrounding field for recovery really is, knows everybody who has been ill. An insurance company discovered that the statements and discussions of the physicians during the operations have strong influence on the duration of hospitalization time. Differences up to 14 days were asserted.

Lotus - Villa I heard, AYURVEDA at Lotus - Villa is very strict: There is no “Ayurveda light” at Lotus - Villa:

More and more it is said, that Ayurveda at Lotus - Villa is strict and severe. We are proud of that, because that means one knows that Ayurveda at the Lotus - Villa differs from all the others.

School Medicine If it is serious, Europeans use school medicine

If it becomes serious, Europeans use school medicine:

We cannot answer this question in a fair way without speaking a little negative about west trained physicians or without appearing arrogant. Therefore here only a few links, which lead to some informations of the Lotus - Villa web page:

Monsoon time

These information applies only to the SOUTH of Sri Lanka and not to the rest of the Island.

Ayurveda Doctor Often one Ayurveda doctor says so and the other something else

It is as in mathematics: there are many also outstanding mathematicians however for all of them apply only to one multiplication table. It is exactly the same with Ayurveda: there are many also outstanding Ayurveda doctors, but only one Ayurveda. Ayurveda also has many specialists among the doctors (for heart, cancer, eye, skin etc.), but all act according to the same ayurvedic principles.

Prices Season – off Season Lotus - Villa Prices ( Season – off Season )

Often we hear of houses, which have two different prices: a so - called season and a off - season price.

Swimming in The Sea Lotus - Villa Swimming in the sea

( In addition, please read also "monsoon time" ).

Treatments with Leeches Treatments with Leeches

There are many kinds of leeches, but only a few can be used for “medical leech” purposes. The treatments are extremely helpful and completely pain - free.

What happens after a Tsunami? What happens after a Tsunami?


As you know, Sri Lanka was 2004 also heavily affected by the tsunami. The so - called professional world is of the opinion that it was a century - event, but nevertheless it is difficult to forecast such enormous natural occurrences.

Acid meals in Ayurveda What is with acids in the meal in AYURVEDA

What is with acids in the meal:

We do not use vinegar at the Lotus-Villa!

Understand About Doshas What one actually understands by Doshas ?

The Doshas or better the tri-dosha concept is the crystallization point, in which theory and application meet in practice of Ayurveda.

Which diseases can be treated by Ayurveda Which diseases can be treated by Ayurveda

Ayurveda is an holistic welfare method and therefore not limited to special fields of activity or diseases.

Why No Seafoods Pinapple And Tomatoes Why no Sea fruits, tomatoes, pineapple

At first special information:

Tomatoes and pineapple contain acids, which affects the pores and therefore the treatments itself. So they should not be consumed during treatment time.

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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