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‘Ayubowan’ (this Singhalese greeting means translated: live long): We from the Lotus - Villa also wish you this and welcome you warmly in Sri Lanka and at the AYURVEDA House Sri Lanka’s: the Lotus - Villa.

AYURVEDA, as you probably already know, means – ‘wisdom or knowledge of a long and healthy life’ – a millennium old experience from the mainly Hinduistic India.

More than 2500 years ago Ayurveda came also to Sri Lanka and developed, possibly because of the Buddhistic influences, particularly gentle healing methods which are matched to the individual person’s needs. Ayurveda exclusively uses medicine occurring naturally. These especially include barks, herbs, roots, wood, gems, stones, minerals, fresh leaves and extracts.

A dogma does not exist in Sri Lankan Ayurveda: Every human is seen in its uniqueness and therefore is individually looked after. Here, neither a distinctive belief, guru nor a sect are to be worshiped. Buddha is said to have said: “If you want to worship someone, then you should not worship me but your mother.”

A sentence from an old Ayurvedic textbook says: “The meaning of life is the expansion of satisfaction and happiness.”

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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