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History of Lotus Villa

“The original Lotus-Villa was built around 22 years ago, in 1982, as a private holiday house and guest house with two rooms and two guest rooms.”

Later, in the end of 1980′s, 12 rooms and the restaurant were built and the Lotus-Villa transformed itself into a small and very individual hotel. It has been registered under “Hotels” and “Guest houses”. As a specialty, an Austrian cuisine, (with “Vienna Schnitzel”, “Kaiserschmarn”, etc.) was served. In 1992 Peter Huber "discovered" Ayurveda. He was so inspired by the possibilities that Ayurveda provides for many health problems,


(in 1997 he suffered two strokes in a very short time and was successfully treated with Ayurveda), it was then that Lotus-Villa again experienced a transformation.

Since 1994 the Lotus-Villa exclusively has been an Ayurveda- health resort. One could even say an Ayurveda-Clinic, as Ayurveda practiced here at Lotus-Villa is of highest standard and quality. The target which the Lotus-Villa team has set for its Ayurveda-House with cures such as “Panchakarma” is not only to prevent health problems in guests and patients but also to give relief and often complete healing for people with manifest illnesses


With a great deal of commitment, the effort of all our employees and by providing high quality treatment and individual care for our guests and patients, the Lotus-Villa has in the last eleven years become one of the top Ayurveda-Centers in Sri Lanka. (An Ayurveda-Ministry clerk once said: “In fact it is a disgrace for us that a foreigner offers the most accurate Ayurveda in Sri Lanka.”)

Do you belong to those people who want relaxing tranquility and want to recharge your energy while listening to the steadily sound of waves? If the answer is Yes, we are certain that you will feel very comfortable and happy staying with us.

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

Common Diseases