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Make Money by Weight Reduction

“Make money by loss of weight” valid May to September 2016

Sri Lanka South Ayurveda- Lotus Villa For each Kilo you reduce weight during your stay in the Lotus-Villa, we will pay you €50.00 in cash or transfer to your account.

Doctor information: Overweight causes diabetes, hypertension with the consequential heart diseases, joint complaints, change of the cholesterol values and a small valued self-esteem.


  • Minimum stay: 3 weeks, with strong overweight 4 weeks.
  • The desire for weight reduction is communicated to the physicians BEFORE beginning
  • of the treatments.
  • Patients does not suffer from an illness, whose treatment is from Ayurvedic - medical
  • view more urgent.
  • Patient suffers neither from anorexia nervosa nor from obesity.

  • The adherence of the following medical regulations is obligation.
    Breach of conditions means also cessation of the agreement:

  • Participation in Yoga and / or Tai Chi
  • Execution of given physical exercises
  • time-moderate prescribed walking
  • Intake of additional ayurvedic medicine
  • Observance of meal regulations
  • Visit prohibition of restaurants outside of Lotus-Villa.
  • Sri Lanka South Ayurveda- Lotus Villa

    Cost per person and per day in single room: €196.00
    per person and per day in double room: €178.00
    This offer will not be applicable with summer special

    Not included:
    - Flight ticket
    - Tips
    - Personal expenditures Calibration certificate of our balance is available.

    Our Strengths

    What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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