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Head massage

massage   The head massage serves to improve blood circulation of the entire head and promotes brain function as well as healthy hair growth. A treatment break can follow this massage. Should you wish to be outside during this time, please protect yourself against wind and direct sunlight with a headgear such as towel or scarf.

Our fashionable home-made “hat models” are perfectly suitable for this. Sometimes – especially at the beginning of your stay – hair might fall out! This is no reason to be concerned, as this is exclusively old hair, which in a short time will be replaced by new, healthy and strong hair.

Body massage / Synchronous-body massage

massage This massage stimulates tissue and arterial surface circulation. It causes the lifting of waste products in the tissue and allows for its excretion. Through this massage the medical oil will be brought through the pores into the body. Vital points (marmas) are strengthened and local disorders removed. The massage is carried out be two masseurs.

And why two masseurs? Two are used because this way, the blood circulation is put under a more even pressure than can be achieved by only one masseur. The pressure applied to the body should be pleasant, though not too intense.


Thermo massage / “Rhythmic drumming” massage with warm rice bags

massage Red rice or a mix of leaves is cooked in a fusion of milk and herbs which is then filled into a gauze-bag. With this bag special warm/hot oil is beaten into the skin. Caution: The warmth is sometimes perceived as being “very hot” and sometimes even as “too hot”, but it is of special importance as it promotes the deep penetration of the substances and oils.

This allows the reduction of pollutants, especially in the joints and stimulates bone and tissue regeneration as well as the build up of muscular fibres and nerves. It is usually carried out only in the morning due to the deep effect and long term, it is found to be particularly tiring.

Forehead oil pour “Royal massage”


massage The Royal massage is an oil-jet therapy of the head area and has a special intense effect on the brain function and senses. A jet of warm oil is passed over the forehead and contributes to the detoxification of the following areas: forehead, eyes, nose, ears and mouth. This very relaxing treatment “cleanses the soul” and leads to a good and deep sleep and also relieves headaches. As it involves the entire head area and because of the wide - ranging - effects it should ideally be carried out early in the morning. Following the Royal massage it is recommended that you rest for about 15 minutes in a closed room.

You should put a towel around your head so that the warmth beneath it can recede slowly. As the treatment makes the entire head sensitive, draughts, wind or even air-condition should be avoided at any cost.

Whole - body - oil - pour / Sarwangadara

massage Warm oil in fine jets is directed over the entire body during this treatment. The oil used during this treatment collects and lifts accumulated toxic substances. These substances will be sweated off during the directly following thermotherapy such as steam bath, sauna or herbal bath. This treatment is found to be very relaxing.

This is also the most costly Ayurvedic treatment, two litres of medical oil are used per treatment and person respectively.

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What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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