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medicine The word “meditation” has Indo - European origins. The old-Indian “samadhi” describes a physical - mental state of relaxed consciousness. The old - greek word “medomai” means to think up and the Latin “meditari” means to prepare and practise.

Life is often inscribed by one-sidedness, stress, self-alienation and lack of sense of purpose.

The reason for these issues are often not so much the environment, the boss, the spouse or the neighbours, but the individual himself: He feels weak, he does not believe in his inner strength and is driven by memories on previous defeats.

Meditation is the perfect way to find to oneself and not to loose oneself, but to discover oneself anew. The philosopher Aristotle’s has said: Balance is the optimum, and meant that all every day problems can be solved once we have found our balance.

Meditation will help you to:

Find yourself again

To overcome one - sidedness

To generate creativity and energy

To encourage intelligence and awareness and to cultivate body and soul

There are two people in the Lotus - Villa that you are welcome to practice meditation with: the yoga instructor and the Tai Chi Chuan instructor. Both have many years of experience with Europeans and are able to adjust to each individual person. Exercises will be discussed during your personal consultation.

Additionally, we regularly visit a monk whose temple is located close to the Lotus - Villa ( approximately 1 km ). He supports us and our school and offers lots of generally useful advise. He practices a kind of religious meditation. Although we all know that meditation and hypnosis are completely different we nevertheless believe that through meditation the 3 laws of hypnosis can be realised:

1. Every visual imagination that fills us strives to be realised.

2. If desire and imagination oppose each other, the desire will always loose (example: the desire says: I want to fall asleep, but the imagination says: I cannot fall asleep! – imagination is bound to win!)

3. Exertion in meditation and hypnosis causes exact the opposite!

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What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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