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Preliminary note:

panchakarma Panchkarma treatments aim not only the cleaning of body and spirit, but also relieve from all complaints and troubles. Therefore with the “correct” Panchakarma not more than one treatment per day is recommended, to ensure the effects of the medicine and the oils. That means it needs for an average body up to 3 months, in order to achieve a complete cleaning.
As the “average” guest can practically never raise this time, often shortened procedures are offered. To the comparison: one can accomplish the cleaning of a house in one day or in one week – the result will be different.

The following information about Panchakarma was written by our lady chief doctor Mrs. Dr. R. Waidyawansa.


The treatments, the nutrition and the attitude of the patient are in Ayurveda the most important factors with the healing process. Nature delivers all aptitude for the human body – the natural medicine and for nutrition the important food. Only the attitude is “supplied” by the patient himself, whereby he receives assistance from the Ayurvedic physician.

Therefore in Ayurveda it is assumed that in the treatment of an illness, the patient needed to participate in the process of healing. Hence it follows that:

“A repetition of the same illness is only possible if the patient changed neither his behavior, nor his attitude to the illness.”

In order to become healthy or to stay healthy, the adherence to the following three factors is demanded:

  • Correct combination of nutrition
  • Intake of natural medicine
  • Behavior and attitude of the patient

  • If a patient wants to obtain good results from the treatments, he/she must keep these 3 most important factors. These affect the results of a therapy at most. Because of the close relationship between patient and physician the patient has constantly the feeling to be content and lucky which accelerates the convalescence likewise.

    Medical instructions during the treatment time, called, “Viharana”, help the patient to return to the normal behavior of a healthy human. These changes in behavior keeps the patient healthy and helps to protect himself against new diseases.


    Every human has his own, personal structure of his health. In Ayurveda it is called “Prakurthi,” which means balance of the Doshas. In order to reach reconciliation, it is necessary to obey a certain system when eating and drinking:

    The active substances of the nutrition arrive over digestion into the body, which meets to a certain extend a “preselection” over the flavor. This complicated process helps the energy in total, the good and beaming appearance, intelligence with the improvement of growth, and is responsible for the physical and psychological condition. All these factors determine the life span and help us to a long life

    panchakarma The nutrition is also an important criterion for growth and the function of the nervous system. The ayurvedic nutrition is often developed on grains, vegetables, fruits, spices, green leaves and different sorts of meat.

    Everything is given in dependence on the patient and its illness – also vegetarian nutrition. The nutrition helps to keep the body healthy in general in a natural way, to strengthen the immunity and to improve the general state to prevent from diseases.

    The nutrition is seen in Ayurveda as medicine. Medicine can work both from the inside and from the outside. Not only herbs occurring in nature, but also minerals are used as medicine.

    With the checking and preparation of the nutrition and the medicine the personal presence of the Ayurvedic physician is an important habit,

    because they themselves – as responsible persons – get the feeling of safety while treating patients. It also helps the patient, by this personal monitoring of the physician, to develop positive feelings so that the treatment results improves.


    Ayurveda shows ways, how one can live longer, how one can live healthier and how one remains long lasting exempted from diseases. Ayurveda is both a medical welfare art and a philosophy of live. Not only the sicknesses of the individual humans are healed, but the entire population can be kept healthy.

    The correct translation of the word Ayurveda reads:

    “science of the long and healthy life”

    The two most important basic ideas of Ayurveda are:
  • The preservation of the health of healthy humans.
  • To treat patients to regain their health back again.

  • The ayurvedic welfare methods are very intensive and successful since long time. The diseases are divided into eight different ranges. These are also the courses of the studies of Ayurveda:

  • mother and child treatment
  • Neck- nose- ear- and eye- treatment
  • Internal and general medicine (here also Panchakarma belongs)
  • Behavior teachings and psychiatry
  • Ageing and rejuvenating treatment (vitality, fertility, potency)
  • Poison teachings including the treatment of bites
  • Surgery
  • Meditation methods and Yoga (unite of body, soul and spirit)

  • If humans live according to ayurvedic instructions regarding nutrition, medicine and own behavior, it helps to achieve a healthy and long life.


    Among these above mentioned 8 ranges also Panchakarma ranks. Both physical and mental diseases can be treated and healed by Panchakarma treatments.

    “Pancha,” means “five” and “Karma,” means “ways of treatments”. Panchakarma contains 5 fundamental cleanings and/or treatments:

  • Vamana Karma (cleaning by vomiting)
  • Virechana Karma (cleaning by medicines)
  • Nasya Karma (cleaning by the nose)
  • Vasthi Karma (cleaning by enema)
  • RakthaMokshana (cleaning by leeches).

  • Some important advantages of Panchakarma treatments:

  • The medicine can be brought into the body on different ways pain-free not only over the mouth.
  • Each ayurvedic medicine can be completely digested.
  • The causes of diseases are removed from the body.
  • The body is kept not only healthy, but is also immunized against (further) diseases.

  • Panchakarma treatments are accomplished in 3 stages:

  • Purva Karma = preparation for the main treatments
  • Pradana Karma = main treatments
  • Pashchath Karma = final treatments.

  • Purva Karma:

    panchakarma The very first step is always the consultation of the patient by the Ayurvedic physician. Subsequently, the patient is prepared for further treatments with “Sneha Karma” and “Sweda Karma.” That means that Panchakarma carries out the preparing treatments on two different ways:

    The very first step is always the consultation of the patient by the Ayurvedic physician. Subsequently, the patient is prepared for further treatments with “Sneha Karma” and “Sweda Karma.

    The very first step is always the consultation of the patient by the Ayurvedic physician. Subsequently, the patient is prepared for further treatments with “Sneha Karma” and “Sweda Karma.” That means that Panchakarma carries out the preparing treatments on two different ways:

    SNEHA Karma: medical oils from herbs, barks etc. are given either as beverage or will be rubbed into the body by massages. These treatments cause a pure and soft skin, relaxation of the musculature and a reduction of joint pain.

    SWEDA Karma: the whole body is brought to sweating. For that warm water is mixed with herbs or other methods are used, e.g. “KutiPravesa” = herbal Sauna. These treatments are particularly helpful for the reduction of weight, stiffness of muscles and for the reconciliation of the body temperature.

    Sweda Karma treatments are specially used to eliminate the causes of diseases. Pradana Karma, For the cleaning process the 5 ways already mentioned earlier are ordered:

  • Nasya = medical herbs become administered particularly by the nose or on other ways
  • Vamana = medicine given for vomiting
  • Virechana = general medicine, causing laxative effect and for cleaning
  • Vasthi = Enema by oils and/or herbs

  • RakthaMokshana = blood cleaning by leeches. In addition – as a function of the state of health and/or disease picture – special treatments ordered as there are:

  • Head massage
  • Body massages
  • Forehead casting = Royal massage “crown”
  • Complete body casting
  • Face massage
  • Body beat massage
  • Steam bath
  • Herbal sauna
  • Herbal bath
  • Inhalation
  • Oil treatments for parts of the body
  • Ayurvedic foot massages
  • Special Massages
  • Flower bath

  • Pashchath Karma:

    These final treatments improve the general state of the body, the immunization and the fertility. They extend the life span and ensure healthy and strong generations. Panchakarma also helps to improve the condition of the Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha of the body fabrics as well as stabilizing digestion.

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