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AYURVEDA – philosophical / religious background

Ayurveda Philosopy - Lotus Villa

An Ayurvedic way of life requires us to live in harmony with the cosmic law. The principle of the permanent creation is rooted in the Indian philosophy and for the system of Ayurveda is an important base for the explanation of the cosmic law, the being and also the application of the Ayurvedic knowledge in the everyday life is the principle of the permanent creation. This explains the existence of all being from the interconnection of two basic principles: [chart 1]

An example for the practical effect of these qualities is the simultaneously influence of mind and subject. It shows itself for example, in that respect that food can influence our psyche which in turn influences the body:

Sattvical Food Rajasical Food Tamasical Food
Opens the consciousness, brings the psyche in a state of harmony (Yogi)

Fresh, juicy, light, oily, nutritious, sweet food, For example: rice, mild, butter, barley, nuts, honey, leave vegetables, green vegetables, fruits


Produces a state of passion, motivation, eagerness, fantasy, anger, jealousy, mania, egoism

Hot (spicy), sour, hot, dry, salty food, For example: hot spices, garlic, wine, coffee, cola, fried food

Increased pessimism, ignorance, meanness, greediness, laziness, doubt, inferiority complex

Food which needs a lot of energy in order to be digested, For example: tinned food, meat, high-proof alcohol, left-over food

From these 3 basic qualities then derive the 5 basic elements: [chart 2]

And with that the circle closes here, because these 5 basic elements lead us again to our 3 Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The knowledge of life is a very extensive knowledge, which for western thinking is not always easy to understand. It is a complex system. If we really want to understand it, then we should approach it with all our senses and not only through single sided understanding. It requires mostly a lot of time, exercise and patience, if we really want to understand it.

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