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In the Ayurveda the spirit is called the psychological element. Three kinds of the spirit there are and from there humans also consist of three groups:

1. The high-talented.

2. the moderately talented ones and 3. the not talented ones. In old texts these three kinds are called "Prawara", "Madhya" and "AlpaSattva".

3.The high-talented cannot be worried also in extreme situations,

4.The moderately talented ones have constantly the example of others before eyes and control themselves constantly, because they copy the others and thereby force themselves to self-control.

5. The not talented one go off any self-check and drive. They also cannot bear the smallest pain.

Feelings or emotions can weaken the health very strongly. An example: With humans, who see their future prospects rather negatively, narrowing´s of the coronary arteries are around 20% higher than with optimistically adjusted humans. Also those, which suffer from other negative feelings like isolation or divorce or change of profession or death of intimate humans, develop a higher health risk than those, which are less burdening by negative feelings.

Ayurveda Psychology - Lotus Villa

Ayurveda teaches to live in the present unencumbered from regret over the past or concerns about the future. Thus, as a healthy body digests the meal completely, a healthy spirit processes also “poisonous feelings”. If the spirit body system processes not all experiences completely, much can become balanced by nutrition and physical exercises. With more and more diseases the emotions play a crucial role. Often they are even the cause for the fatal outcome of an illness. However the body signals us negative influences of the “poisonous feelings” not only by negative thoughts, but also by physical complaints such as headache, muscle tension, permanent tiredness and general listlessness.

The senses hear, feel, see, taste and smell do not only decide, what happens “outside” but also, what we notice and how we handle it. If our senses are healthy, they filter harmful influences. From there a balanced efficiency is particularly important for the perception and consciousness. An Ayurvedic rule reads: “The world is like we see it – therefore our experiencing the world depends on, how we notice it”.

Who is fulfilled by balance and internal satisfaction, will also meet around himself these characteristics. Who is under stress, has a disturbed psychological balance. A human is to get under stress, if he is no longer capable to take up information in balanced way to his spirit body system. However our somatic cells are permanent busy in each instant to repel damage and repair it. Each cell has also the ability to heal itself and back-form an illness. From there in the Ayurveda also the connections between personality types and certain illnesses are important and well-known. They are refined again and again.

The senses can not only take up information but also deliver. Taking up and arranging is a brain activity, which releases a river of chemical messengers of most diverse kind, which pull through the whole body. Therefore it depends on the fact that the sensory impressions are energy-donating and constructing and not poisoning and energy-consuming. The internal consciousness condition can be either a positive, creative activity or a procedure, where vitality seeped away. Whether one or the other happens, depends after Ayurvedic understanding on whether and to what extent you are taken in from a feeling or a thing.

Ayurveda Psychology - Lotus Villa
In the Ayurveda the five senses are also called “the king ways” to the spirit body system. If one prefers harmonious and balanced sensory impressions, luck and energy have a better chance, to develop in us.

An Ayurvedic “test question”. Ayurveda says that each organism in this world has also a certain reason for its existence. Each organism has at least one characteristic, where it differentiates from all the others and therefore makes it important for the whole world. Thus also each human differ from all others by the fact that he can do something better and therefore differs also from all others.

Now the question: “Which characteristic do YOU personally have, which differentiates you from all the others, why are you important for this world?”

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