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Special For Senior Citizens

Be valid from May till September 2017

Save Electricity, Water, Food & Vehicle costs at home

Panchakarma for senior citizens

Panchakarma treatments are aimed not only at cleaning of body & mind but also at freeing of complaints. Only a treatment a day isn’t carried out at correct Panchakarma that means that conscientious clearing of a whole body needs till 3 months. As every one can’t find this time, are short procedures offered . Which can be corrected ayurvedically, but which can’t be Panchakarma as example for comparison . You can clean a house in a day or in a week – the result will be different.

Minimum stay (4 Weeks.)

You get 30 day visa at the entry. Please apply for a long stay visa at the Sri Lanka embassy in your country or at the Sri Lanka embassy in Sri Lanka ( It takes two or three hours without travelling time.

Ayurveda Special for senior Citizens.

Price per person a day ( a treatment a day ) with special medicine and with no joint massages.

Single Room 130.00
Double Room 112.00

If you need more than a treatment a day please contact us for the price.

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

Common Diseases