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Apart from the nutrition, medicine and treatments often too little attention is paid to namely surroundings of the guest or patient. Everyone who has been ill before knows how important this factor is. The patient or guest must always have the feeling to be seen and treated personally and individually. This is the also the reason why the Lotus-Villa only has a small number of rooms, which will not be extended as individuality would not be guaranteed.

Included in surroundings is also the weather (especially important for those “sun seeking” Europeans), the sea and swimming in it, the excursions with contact to the locals – and the so called “beach boys”, who don’t get off your back. You will find information about these topics under the corresponding heading.

An other important aspect is the personal mood every individual member of staff is in. it is certainly known, that no-one can demand from someone to be continually in a ‘good mood’.
Therefore our staff are allowed to openly show their present mood. Most people accept if someone is for once in a less good mood. Important is only that the friendliness is not ‘played’ and one is not believed to be stupid enough not to see through this ‘game’. If our guests and patients on one hand and our staff on the other hand feel like being a sort of ‘team’, only it will lead to the atmosphere and then to the surroundings, which are so important for the success of treatments. Many of our staff have been employed with us for 5 or 10 years or even longer, which shows how serious we take this matter. It is certainly another reason why coming back to the Lotus-Vila is usually a pleasant experience as one will already know or recognise many of the staff from the previous stay. This is especially important with therapists, physicians and translators, but almost as important are the room boys, waiters, drivers and many other members of staff, whom during one’s stay as a guest or patient one gets to know better.

Surroundings in Ayurveda also include one’s own thoughts. Many a ill person gets up in the morning and the first thing he remembers is that he is ill. These thoughts he thinks many times a day until the evening and often it is also his last thought before falling asleep. He, so one could say, carries out a so called ‘brain-wash’ on himself, which in the end leads to something that in psychology is known as ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’, that through repeated thoughts about the illness it will subconsciously intensify.
Also insecurities such as “maybe Ayurveda helps me” or “I’ll have a look and see” to it. An Asian proverb says that it is better to do one thing properly than trying different ways just “to see if it works”. Especially if you suffer an illness it is important to realise for oneself which path one wants to tread. Afterwards it is just as important to think the most possible positive thoughts about oneself and about ones illness. Try for example to think 3 to 5 positive thoughts about yourself already in the morning in the bathroom. You will then probably notice for yourself that after just a few days your previous thoughts will even seem ridiculous to you.

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What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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