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Special for Mothers

“Special for Mothers” valid May to September 2017

LOTUS-VILLA special for mothers / fathers - Valid from May to September 2017

Mothers and / or fathers - can enjoy the ayurvedic treatments, without having to be constant in thoughts with the child / the children: We put when desired a nanny and / or a teacher of our school to you free of charge at the disposal. Both speak English, which was for children never a problem. On the contrary: many are proud of the fact that they understand a new language. Special-Mother

Our Life guard is trained lifeguard and can train the children in our Swimming pool. Swimming assistance like swimming tiers are available in the Lotus-Villa.

Many of our coworkers are in an age, where they have infants at home. And because Southerners go around very affectionately with children, your child is practically constantly under supervision of any of our coworkers.

Special-Mother The meal for the children is discussed at the beginning of the stay with you and co-ordinated with the respective age. If you have special nourishing desires, please inform us BEFORE your stay, so that we can buy everything in time.

For children ayurvedic treatments are given only, if these are ill (our youngest patient was 3 years old and suffered from asthma). Otherwise ayurvedic treatments begin only then, if the body is fully developed, which is the case normally in the age around 14 years.

We have 3 rooms with a connecting door to the neighbor room, so that children and parents can sleep separately

In the double rooms also a third bed has place. However: then the entrance to the beds is closer. For infants cots are available and baby chairs for the restaurant.

Price reductions for children:


0 - 2      : free
2 - 5      : 80% of the daily price of parents
6 - 10    : 40% of the daily price of parents
11 - 14  : 20% of the daily price of parents.

Please read HERE our web page about families and children.

Our Strengths

What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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