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Qigong (Tai Chi)

Qigong (Tai Chi) = Chi Kung

A brief introduction from our Qigong instructor H.D. Peiris

Special Treatment There are lots of different exercises in Qigong (Tai Chi) with different levels of difficulties. At the Lotus-Villa 8 of them are practised. They are suitable for beginners. Not all exercises have to be carried out daily, a few minutes are enough. What is important is regular daily practice.

The Chinese have been practising the slow, ballet like movements for over 3.000 years.

It produces a feeling of well being, relaxes the mind as well as the body. When carrying out the exercises you will realise that the function of digestion, blood circulation and inner organs improves. The figure changes too.

Qigong (Tai Chi) is a healing method. The exercises are also beneficial to maintain health and for the prevention of illnesses. Part of physiotherapy in hospitals are not only to be considered health maintaining, but also show positive effects for patients with high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, heart problems, TB and other diseases.

It is important to be calm when carrying out the exercises. To start with it is not easy to concentrate completely and to learn to draw all attention to a particular body part – this itself is already a useful exercise for the mind! Furthermore, eyes, arms, torso and legs should be moved calmly and carefully in order to prevent disharmony or abrupt movements. Special Treatment

All Qigong (Tai Chi) students share the same unique experience: complete relaxation, an internal “glowing”, unusual flexibility and fast reaction as well as cheerful mood and high motivation that revive the physiology of the whole body. Experiments have shown that even before physical exercise the mental state influences the chemical compositions of the blood, the dynamic process of the blood circulation, etc.

Special Treatment As an improvement of the nervous system also mobilises all other systems, the practice of Qigong (Tai Chi) benefits especially patients with diseases of the digestion system, such as bowel problems, secretion, assimilation, that are due to a nerve-function-disorders.

These diseases are either avoided or often even healed. As even the breathing is a mechanical stimulus for the digestion system the blood flow is increased and through that digestion has been improved and indigestion has been prevented.

“Healing affirmation” created by D.H. Peiris

(Please speak it out to yourself daily)

  • I am a good Person

  • I am a successful Person

  • I trust in myself and in my potential to succeed in all endeavors  Every day in every way life is getting better and better

  • I am a Loving and Lovable Person

  • I Love and accept myself for who I am

  • I was not put on this Earth to please others

  • I am getting Stronger, Healthier and more Energetic with each passing day

  • I deserve to be Happy

  • My Life is filled with Joyful Abundance

  • Studies on the age slowing effect of Qigong (Tai Chi) on metabolism have proven that this sport has a particularly good effect on the metabolism of body substances.

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