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Brief introduction from your yoga instructor Mr. Chanaka

Yoga is a unique system of balanced exercises that maintain health of both body and soul.

Some important thoughts and attitudes on Yoga:

  • Remain realistic and always strive to find a meaningful compromise.

  • Approach the exercises with a relaxed frame of mind and don’t get annoyed with yourself should you not achieve your targets straight away.

  • Exercise control over your ambitions and emotions prior to attempting difficult exercises Listen to your inner voice and strive to be independent from the opinion of others.

  • Accept yourself the way you are – with all your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Take on responsibility for your own health.

  • Materialistic values and comfortable living alone have never healed an ill person!

  • Healing through Yoga:

  • You will know yourself that the human body is able to heal itself. The more you know about yourself and your environment the more you

  • will be able to trust the law of nature.

  • Choose fresh foods as often as possible. Get used to eating small potions.

  • Choose fresh foods as often as possible. Get used to eating small potions.

  • Yoga

  • A healthy body is able to clean itself from poisonous and toxic materials.

  • Yoga encourages meat free diet. Food is not only for physical fitness but also for mental well being.

  • Yoga every day:

  • Always carry out exercise on empty stomach.

  • Concentrate on yourself, your breathing and your movements. The target is:

  • yourself, your concentration, you breathing and your movements shall be balanced.

  • All exercises shall have your full attention and should be carried our slowly. Try not to think about anything else.

  • Yoga
  • Forcing yourself can be more harmful that beneficial for your health.

  • Be patient with yourself, exercise regularly and with motivation.

  • Always finish your routine with a relaxation exercise.

  • If you feel active, healthy, enlightened and relaxed after your routine, you will have discovered an enrichment.

  • The more you learn to trust yourself and strengthen your health, the more will you be able to distinguish between right and wrong and between healthy and unhealthy.

    Enjoy the practice!

    - Your Yoga Teacher

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    What makes the Lotus - Villa unique / why we are No.1: We were the first in Sri Lanka who accepted only Ayurveda - Guests.

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